Sound Participation Pieces

Since 1982, Tina Pearson has developed a series of participatory sound pieces and word scores that can be performed, used in workshops, or practiced in informal settings. Some of the pieces were developed during the creation of collaborative music or music and dance pieces, while others were developed for teaching at OCAD University (Sound Studies 1984-1987), and in workshops for professional musicians and artists, public school students and laypersons.
Influences: The development of these pieces stems first from a lifetime of intense listening experiences within wilderness environments. The study and practice of meditation, chanting and telepathic techniques have had a significant impact.  A number of the pieces are variations on Soundwalks or Sounding Walks that take participants through a planned or improvised listening journey through urban, suburban, park or wilderness settings. Others use elements from Viewpoints technique and Contact Improvisation and/or were inspired by text scores such as Pauline Oliveros’ Sonic Meditations and similar works by Annea Lockwood, Alvin Curran, Christian Wolff, Jackson MacLow and others.
A small sampling of Tina Pearson’s Sound Participation Pieces and Text Scores:



Ear Plug Piece
a measure for a mayfly
I Hear Here

Soundwalk - Victoria, BC, Victoria Symphony New Currents Festival 2008, photo Lyssa Pearson