Breathing with PwRHm (and Helicopter) (notes on telematic performance) (2014, published in Association of Canadian Women Composers bulletin.)

Machinima In the Making (2010, published online on the site of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse)

Visions of Sound: Avatar Orchestra Metaverse (Originally published in the print edition of Musicworks 106 Winter/Spring 2010)

Soundwalking and measure for a mayfly (1984, 2010)

Sound Mothering (1995)

Making a Cree Drum with Albert Davis (published in Musicworks magazine 1987; abridged version at Native-Drums.ca site here ) (1987)

Partial List of Articles in Print Publications

Inuit Throatsinging Ear Magazine, 1986

Articles and Interviews in Musicworks Magazine (1982 – 2010)

Otto Joachim in ConversationMusicworks 18 Winter 1982. Pearson, Tina; Oswald, John; Frykberg, Susan.
Making Sound: Lisa Nelson and Danny Lepkoff. Musicworks 19 Spring 1982. Pearson, Tina
La Groupe de la Place Royale: an interview with Peter Boneham, Mark Harada, Michael Montanero. Musicworks 19 Spring 1982. Pearson, Tina; Timar, Andrew.
Ojibway Dance: The Richard Lyons Dance Troupe. Musicworks 19 Spring 1982. Pearson, Tina.
Bodysounds: Andy Warshaw in Conversation. Musicworks 20 Summer 1982. Pearson, Tina.
Touching Resonance, a Talk with Anne Skinner on the work of Kristin Linklater and Other Things. Musicworks 23 Spring 1983. Pearson, Tina, Skinner, Anne.
Beyond Ra: R. Murray Schafer interviewed by Tina Pearson. Musicworks 25 Fall 1983. Pearson, Tina; Schafer, R. Murray.
Towards a New Mind / Body Music, Part 4: David Mott in Conversation with Tina Pearson. Musicworks 25 Fall 1983
A Tradition of Experimentation: James Tenney in Conversation with Udo Kasemets and Tina Pearson. Musicworks 27  Spring 1984 Pearson, Tina, Kasemets, Udo.
Throatsinging—Alassie Alasuak and Nellie Nunguak. Musicworks 31. Pearson, Tina.
Angels and Demons and Pauline Oliveros. Musicworks 31 Spring 1984 . Pearson, Tina.
Gayle Young: Musical Instruments and Influences. Musicworks 31. Pearson, Tina.
An Interview with Kim Erickson, by Tina Pearson. Musicworks 31 Spring 1984
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Visions of Sound: Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. Musicworks 108 Winter 2010 Pearson, Tina.