Ear Plug Piece

by Tina Pearson, 1984, revised 2010

The objective of this exercise is to become aware of the objective sounds inside the body, to increase awareness of them, to describe them and then to play them.

Put ear plugs in ears (to create a complete vacuum in the ear – expanding foam ear plugs work well for this exercise).
Close eyes.

to the sounds you hear inside your body. Observe what you notice first,
notice how your observation and listening changes.
Notice your breathing.
Expand, bit by bit, your awareness of the sounds you can hear while simply observing your body processes.

to the sounds made as you gently move your head,
open or close your jaw, your mouth,
move your tongue backward and forward,
massage your pallette with your tongue,
breathe deeper, sigh, yawn,
move your neck, stretch, crack your back
et. cetera – explore.

to the sounds made as you touch your face with your fingers,
as you gently tap on your nose, your cheeks, your jaw, your ears,
as you tap on the sides, front, back of your head – varying the intensity and rhythm,
as you ‘play’ your head, face, neck, shoulders, ribs like a drum and listen as if in a large reverberant space.

back to stillness and breathing, observing the sounds,
from distant corners of your body system,
your breath,
your heart,
your nervous system,
swallowing and blinking.

describe the sounds you heard as if making a sound score

share the score with others, and perform the sounds together with any instrument or voice.

copyright 2010 Tina Pearson

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