i  f     l  i  s  t  e  n  i  n  g   .  t  h  e  n     l  i  s  t  e  n  i  n g 

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“Sunday with Absorb was very special… Many visitors came to ohrenhoch, and all of them listened so carefully, it was completely magic. A visitor said that while walking around in the cellar spaces he always thought there was someone in the other room … He felt the presence of the voices like persons very close, but not visible.” – Katharina Moos, Berlin
“The choreography of the evening was remarkable. There was a rhythm as we gradually went inside and then out to join with other sounds and back in again. We entered quiet places and noisy, exuberant places. With Tina’s guidance, the group found a way to inhabit a body of sound together. To me, it was a deeply nourishing experience.” — Ruth Danziger re Deep Listening Into Sounding, Toronto
“Last Sunday was beautiful and I sat in front of the ears [speakers] high on a chair and watched as from the ears [speakers] high breath sounds spread out into the wide. The people passing by were standing just in front of the entrance, listening to the breath that made them listen. I am enthusiastic about your work and I thank you for your heart, for your engagement … ” – Knut Remond, re On Your Winds, ohrenhoch, Berlin
“Another beautiful and perhaps strange thing about the night was that I felt that I was at the very beginning of something. I felt something like that old ape felt when he knocked a tree limb against a rock and all the other apes looked up. Do it again! Do it again! Make that sound. Tell us something. I felt that I was not in a room of technology whiz kids but in a room where adults were asking valuable questions about the nature of a human creation that was changing our lives. To be in a room where people were asking valuable questions was original enough these days but to see them do it without the smugness of rhetoric but with a true need to ask the questions was as exciting a piece of honest theatre I’ve seen in a long time.”  — Frank Berry, re Tina Pearson & Liz SoloTecho Dream and Nightmare Choir”
“An ambitious Tina Pearson/John Oswald project, the ‘Times & Tides’ cassette deals with the notion of time in music, taking its sound examples from contemporary Canadian music of the 1980s … This gorgeous compilation also includes rhythm examples from natural sounds, such as human breathing, heartbeats, waves, rooster, crickets, thunderstorm, clocks sounds, harmonics from slowed down piano notes …” — review of MUSICWORKS 29 (ed. Tina Pearson, cassette by Oswald/Pearson) by Continuo.

Tina Pearson’s projects have been supported by The Canada Council for the Arts / le Conseil des arts du Canada, the British Columbia Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council, and the SOCAN Foundation.