Upcoming and Receding

—July 3 – 15, 2023, Residency, workshop and on site production at the Banff Centre for an audiovisual piece centring the practice of Pauline Oliveros‘ text scores, for an upcoming exhibition In the Present Moment at Walter Philips Gallery curated by Haema Sivanesan.

—June 10, 2023, Roundtable “the Sound”, with Zab Maboungou and Cris Derksen, for the series Crossing Paths: Blazing Trails hosted by Primary Colours and Open Space.

—May 28, 2023, Panel with Hildegard Westerkamp, Jesse Stewart, Alexandrine Boudrealt-Fournier and Joe Salem, “Exploring Sound in Teaching”, Sound Genres: Exploring Sound as Foundational Practice, University of Victoria, Lkwungen Territories, BC.

—February 25, 2023, Release of LAND SEA SKY, CD and digital release of site specific composition for Experimental Music Unit, performed by Paul Walde, George Tzanetakis, Tina Pearson, dedicated to the late Raj Sen.

—March 2, 2022, POSTPONED Premiere of Aegean Dark by gLOWs duo: Sylvia Hinz (recorders) and George Kokkinaris (double bass), “Music Connects the Onassis Stegi and Panteion University” in honour of Xenakis’ birthday. Athens, Greece.

—February 15, 2022, Canadian New Music Network Activism Series: Conversations about LAND, with Jenni Schine, Tanya KalmanovitchHeather Peat HammTina Pearson

—December 16, 2021, “Final episode of ‘in Space Grey’; Podcast with Tina Pearson about Deep Listening®, Tina’s approaches to scoring music, & her thoughts on performing with fielding recordings; & Tosca Terán discusses mycelium networks & her process of collaborating with living fungi to create soundscapes & generative visuals.”

—December 2, 2021, Breath and Belonging Online an online workshop by Tina Pearson, playing with the depths and edges of online connection. Part of In Space Grey hosted by Digital Arts Resource Centre, Ottawa.

December 2, 2021, Postponed to 2022. Premiere of Breath, Belonging, OnLand, OnLine, land-based performance work for video, commissioned by Digital Arts Resource Centre, Ottawa Canada for its online exhibition In Space Grey

—November 24, 2021, Launch of new video work (at 19:56) for LAND, a thematic video for the Canadian New Music Network forum 2021. Contributions from Jenni Schine, Tanya KalmanovitchHeather Peat HammTina Pearson , produced by Jeff Morton.

—October 6, 2021, broadcast of program on compositions of Tina Pearson on Radio Victoria, hosted by Sylvia Rickard. Also on Soundcloud , including Hunt(3)Chanterelles, Dawn In Glass, Breathing with PwRHm, Root Blood Fractal Breath, and Carried On Your Winds.

—July 18, 2021, Performance of LAND SEA SKY, text score for outdoors, performed by Experimental Music Unit (Paul Walde, George Tzanetakis, Tina Pearson), Finnerty Cove, Lkwungen Territory, World Listening Day 2021. https://www.facebook.com/events/1469101023428916?ref=newsfeed

—June 12, 2021, Screening of Breathing PwRHm (excerpt) at the North American Conference on Video Game Music Performed by the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.

—May 19, 2021, Launch of Podcast Interview “Deep Listening and Reciprocal Listening with Tina Pearson”, with the series Sounding Places / Listening Places with Sharon Stewart, ArtEZ, Netherlands. https://studiumgenerale.artez.nl/nl/studies/all/podcast/4+deep+listeningr+and+reciprocal+listening+with+tina+pearson/

—May 15, 2021, Soundscapes and More Panel with Carol Ann Weaver and Hildegard Westerkamp, Association of Canadian Women Composers broadcast.

—May 1, 2021, Release of Breathing PwRHm with the Association of Canadian Women Composers 40th Anniversary Playlists collection, Electronic and Soundscape compositions.

—April 21, 2021 LAND SEA SKY video launched with Embassy Cultural House “Stop Extinction! Restore the Earth” Exhibition performed by Experimental Music Unit (Paul Walde, George Tzanetakis, Tina Pearson), Finnerty Cove, Lkwungen Territory

—March 3, 2021, Performance of LAND SEA SKY, text score for outdoor realization, performed by Experimental Music Unit (Paul Walde, George Tzanetakis, Tina Pearson), Finnerty Cover, Lkwungen Territory. Video compilation.

—November 14, 2020, Premiere performance of Migrations in Breath and Materials, for Xenia Pestovia, Newfound Music Festival XVIII Feature Concert, hosted by Memorial University and Newfoundland Sound Symposium.
Performer: Xenia Pestova Bennett, pianos, whistle, breath, rocks.

—November 7, 2020, Performance of Black One, Klangwerkstatt Berlin – Festival für Neue Musik 2020, performed by Progess Das Festival Ensemble: Milena Weller, Heidi Withelm, Irma Schuster, Julie Speer, Ida Kunze – recorders; Freddi Börnchen – oboes; Lotta Börnchen – bassoon; Cecilia Ferron – violin; Marie Takahashi – viola; Jeanne Strieder – violoncello; George Kokkinaris – double bass; Kalma – Visuals; Sylvia Hinz – recorders & direction

—October 22, 2020 — Conversation in support of of-the-now’s Decolonial Imaginings project around Dylan Robinson’s new book Hungry Listening. Curators: Dylan Robinson & Mitch Renaud. Settler composers: jake moore, Jocelyn Morlock, Juliet Palmer, Luke Nickel, Kelly Ryan
Respondents: Tina Pearson, Tamara Levitz

—October 21, 2020, Breathing Cyberspace, Avatar Orchestra live telematic performance, including Breathing PwRHm, program of Digital Shift via MediaNet Victoria, Manifestations 2020 Netherlands, and Digital Arts Resource Centre Ottawa Live Streamed.

—August 29, 2020, Networked performance of new work ShowerHm and PwRHm with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse at Festival ECRÃ, Rio, Brazil, via Festival ECRAYouTube Live

—July 6 – 18 Reflective Listening, facilitation and commission from New Adventures in Sound Art of a new score, Toward a Reciprocal Listening for World Listening Day 2020. Project info and how to participate

—July 11, 2020, 5 pm Pacific, of-the-now: http://www.of-the-now.ca/ Archipeligo series, Sound Ecology From Isolation, Broadcast of Listening Trespasses (premiere), reflections on A Year of 4’33” and conversation with Heather Pearl Hamm and Ernie Dulanowsky. Via Zoom

—June 6, 2020, Release of Dawn In Glass, with the compilation Stimulus Swim, (Friends of Adult Swim Mix) available through the streaming program Adult Swim.

—June 4, 2020, Performance of PwRHm with Copter, Avatar Orchestra Metaverse at KHM Academy of Media Arts, Cologne

—April 22, 2020, Earth Day Conversation, panelist, Canadian New Music Network, via Zoom

December 9, 2019 Dark Listening, performance of Black One and Black Two, plus works by Pauline Oliveros & Jeff Morton with Experimental Music Unit (George Tzanetakis, Paul Walde & Pearson), Jeff Morton & guests, MediaNet, Victoria.

December 1 – 13, 2019, Disruptions in Spectral Time, Creative Residency with Jeff Morton: Glass Vessels, Electronics, Pedal Steel, Accordion, Voice. Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts. University of Victoria, BC

—October 27, 2019 Workshop: Deep Listening Into Sounding – An Introduction to the Practice of Pauline Oliveros at In the Present Moment: Buddhism, Contemporary Art and Social Practice, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and University of Victoria, Victoria BC.

—October 6 – 9, 2019, Root, Blood, Fractal, Breath recording project with Contact Contemporary Music Canadian Music Centre, Toronto.

September 26, 2019, Performance with Gabriel Dharmoo, Chris Tonelli, Ellen Waterman, Michael Waterman and guests, Dominion-Chalmers United Church, U of Ottawa, Ontario.

September 26, 2019, Guest Artist Talk and Deep Listening® mini Workshop, Carelton University Music Department, Ottawa, Ontario.

September 25, 2019, Visiting Artist Talk, University of Ottawa Department of Visual Arts, Ottawa Ontario.

September 21, 2019, performance of Wind, Bone, Root, Stone, a full length work for 7 musicians and dancer, commissioned by Centre d’Experimentation Musicale, at les Jardins du Sophie, Saguenay, Quebec.

—September 17, 2019, Deep Listening® Workshop, Parc De La Riviére-Du-Moulin, Saguenay, Québec.

—September 9 – 22, 2019, Saguenay: Wind, Blood, Water, Bone, Creative Music Production Residency with the Centre d’Expérimentation Musicale, Saguenay, Quebéc, Canada

—June 19-23, 2019, Media That Matters conference, Cortes Island, BC

—May 31, 2019, Rizonance, Performance with Giorgio Magnanensi with “Field Guide For Listeners”, an installation by Jenni Schine and Jay White, Open Space, Victoria.

—March 2019 – July 2019 Wind Studies, research and composition project focused on breath and wind. Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the BC Arts Council.

—February 23, 2019, CNMN “Sustainability in New Music Creation and Production” panel moderation and presentation, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Sustainability, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

—January 8-9, 2019, Week 2 Mini Residency in Immersive Virtual Performance Installation with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse in virtual space and at MediaNet with Catlin Lewis, Marina Glassford and Kirk Schwartz, Victoria BC.

—November 26-December 2, 2018, Week 48 Bi-continental Residency with Leif Inge, Atelier Nord Oslo, Norway, the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse in virtual space and Tina Pearson at MediaNet in Victoria, Canada.

—September 3, 2018, performance of Listening to the Blood and Botanical Lament (Rising) from Root, Blood, Fractal, Breath. Performance by the Contact ensemble at Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto. Part of Intersection 2018.

—September 1, 2018, installation of Carried On Your Winds (Yonge-Dundas Toronto), by invitation of Contact. A new variation on this work which combines live audio mapping with invitations for sounding through participant scores. At Intersection 2018, Toronto’s annual music marathon at Yonge-Dundas Square. Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts and the BC Arts Council.

—July 28, 2018, Duo concert with Randy Raine-Reusch: bamboo, reeds, glass vessels, voice. Don Li-Leger studios, Surrey BC.

—July 28, 2018, Deep Listening Into Sounding Workshop, and Sounding the Hidden World performance, with Randy Raine-Reusch, Don Li-Leger studios, Surrey BC.

—June 21-24, 2018, premiere of Blood in my Wires, Dust in my Breath for live audio-visual performance with extended voice, commissioned by Roles4Women, through the Canada Council for the Arts, Factory Theatre, Toronto.

—April 27-29, 2018, audio installation of Dawn In Glass at “Invasive Species” art show, Darts Hill Garden, Surrey, BC. Commissioned by artist Don Li-Leger.

—April 8 – 29, installation of Carried on Your Winds and Flowing on Your Tongues, scores from Absorb, a participatory audio installation, at ohrenhoch Gallery in Berlin, Germany


—March 8, 2018, My Virtual Breath, solo performance with Humming Pera for Roles4Women’s celebration of International Women’s Day on the Odyssey Performance Simulator within the networked platform Second Life

—March 3, 2018, networked performance of PwRHm with copters, and avatar interventions with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain


—November 28, 2017, Gratitude Listening For Pauline Oliveros, performance of Oliveros’ Arctic Air (with The Earthworm Also Sings) and Sonic Meditations, arrayspace, Toronto.

—November 22 – 26, 2017, Sonic Labiatory 2, residency with Wende Bartley, Art Space, Toronto, Ontario.

November 20, 2017, excerpts from Music For Natural History, a collaboration with Paul Walde, is featured in Touch of Sound curated by acoustic ecologist Hildegard Westerkamp for the Helicotrema Festival in Venice Italy. The program features the works of Peter Cusack, Aki Pasoulas, David Dunn, Andrew Skeoch, Katerina Tzadaki, David Monacchi, Annea Lockwood, and Westerkamp.


—November 13-20 2017 Grass Pillow, residency and broadcast performance with Instant Places (Laura Kavannaugh and Ian Birse) on location near South River, Ontario. Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

—September 20, 2017, premiere of works for tuned glass vessels and electronics, with Jeff Morton, electronics. arc-hive artist run centre, Victoria, BC


—August 17, 2017, weighting, premiere of work for video, dance, live flute/voice and audio, choreography by Lori Hamar, composition by Tina Pearson, Ukrainian Cultural Centre, Victoria, BC, music commissioned by the Canada Council for the Arts.


—July 16, 2017, Root Blood Fractal Breath, full length facilitated composition performed by the ensemble of Contact Contemporary Music, (Wallace Halladay, saxophone; Bryan Holt, cello; Alex Kotyk, bass; Rob MacDonald, guitar; Jerry Pergolesi, percussion & trumpet; Allison Benstead Wiebe, piano) and Tina Pearson, flute/voice, premiered at Allen Gardens Conservatory, Toronto Canada.


—July 10 – 14, 2017, Music From Scratch, Guest Composer, with Contact Contemporary Music, Canadian Music Centre, Toronto.

—July 8, 2017, Deep Listening Into Sounding workshop, Canadian Music Centre, Toronto.

—July 6, 2017, Deep Listening Into Sounding workshop, studio TBA, Toronto.

—June 7 – 17, field research and creative residency with Instant Places Laura Kavannagh and Ian Birse for Grass Pillow project, phase I, Victoria, Canada.

—June 1, 2017, presentation, Deep Listening in Cyber Space; and performance of Pauline Oliveros’ Heart of Tones with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, for “Still Listening: A Series of Events in Honour of Pauline Oliveros”, Tanna Schulich Hall,  McGill University, Montréal, Canada.

—March 2-3, 2017, “If There is Listening, There Will Be Listening”, Presentation with Re|Sound panel at the Re|Act Arts & Environment Symposium, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.


—January 17, 2017, Art’s Birthday EURORADIO Broadcast with Instant Places  Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse, New Adventures in Sound Art, Toronto and Kunstradio, Austria.

—November 23, 2016, PwRHm: Sine Tones and Helicopters, at Diffrazioni, Firenze Multimedia Festival, performance with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.

—October 16, 2016, Experimental Sound Workshop at Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria BC.

—October 10 + 17, 2016 Guest Lecture sessions Composition and Performance in Virtual Worlds, for Pauline Oliveros‘ MUS205 course, Mills College, Oakland, California.

—October 7 – 15, 2016, Absorb, installation of new audio-video work imagining traces of human sounds and images in remembered by a sentient post-human biosphere. Commissioned by Media Net through the BC Arts Council. Flux Gallery, Media Net, Victoria BC


—August 28, September 4, This Is For You (ohrenhoch Berlin), installation with listening score, installed at ohrenhoch Sound Gallery, Berlin


—July – September, 2016, Wait / Weight, development of a new audio and live performance work with choreographer Lori Hamar and videographer Kirk Schwartz, featuring a blood python and large driftwood. Commissioned through the Canada Council for the Arts.

—April 9, 2016, Songs From Glass Island, performance of original works with Experimental Music Unit and Camille Norment, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver.


—April 7, 2016, Songs from Glass Island, premiere performance of original works with Experimental Music Unit and Camille Norment, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

—April 2, 2016, performance of Migrations of Their Materials for tabla, toy piano, combs, paper and breath, commissioned through Canada Council for the Arts by Xenia Pestovia and Shawn Mativetsky, Open Space’s Tabla and Toy Piano concert, Victoria, BC.


—January 15, 16, 2016 Music For Natural History, site-specific performative installation created with Paul Walde, produced by LaSaM Music and guest artists, Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC.

Retangular FB invite flattened more grain sized

—November 14, 2015 Sonic Mimicry Workshop, a Music For Natural History event with Paul Walde and LaSaM Music, Royal BC Museum, Victoria BC.

—October 12 and 19, 2015, guest lecture, Composition in Networked Spaces, Mills College, Oakland, California.

—October 17, 2015 Natural History Soundwalk, the launch of the Music For Natural History project, with Paul Walde and LaSaM, Royal BC Museum, Victoria BC


—October 9, 2015 Guest lecture: Sound Studies for Normal, Camosun College, Visual Arts Department, Victoria BC

—September 26, 2015, Gentle Hands (from Migration of Their Materials) performed by Xenia Pestovia  (toy piano) at Festival Radicaldb, CENTRO DE ARTE Y TECNOLOGÍA ETOPIA / ZARAGOZA, Aragon, Spain.

—August 9 and 16, installation This Is For You Berlin at ohrenhoch, Weichselstr. 49
12045 Berlin-Neukölln.


—August 13-15, 2015, Avatar Orchestra Metaverse performs Heart of Tones, by Pauline Oliveros  PwRHm, by Tina Pearson at ISEA2015, Vancouver, BC


—July 17, 2015 Weight (Wait), movement-video-sound duo with Lori Hamar, Bounce Performance Works, Suddenly Dance Romp Festival, Victoria, BC

—June 6, 2015, Music for Mycologists CD Release Concert, Experimental Music Unit (Paul Walde, George Tzanetakis, Tina Pearson), Open Space, Victoria, BC

spore overlay

—May 16, 2015, Deep Listening Into Sounding workshop, Merlin’s Sun Theatre, Victoria, BC


—December 28, 2014, Dark Listening, Experimental Music Unit with special guest cellist Norm Adams, Merlin’s Sun Theatre, Victoria, BC.

Dark Listening icon for FB

—December 13, 2014, Hands Over Sky, and other compositions, Telematic performance with David Arner, Mary Simoni, Brian Pertl, Leila Ramagopal Pertl, Viv Corringham, Brenda Hutchinson, Randy Raine-Reusch, Media Net, Victoria, BC.


—November 27, 2014, networked performance PwRHm and other works with the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Posthuman Corporealities Network Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

—November 21, 2014, Workshop: Sounding the Natural History Gallery, for the Royal BC Museum’s “Night Shift”, Victoria, BC.

—November 15, 2014, Music for Mycologists, including Hunt (3), performance with Experimental Music Unit, Sound Thinking Symposium, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC.

—October 13 and 20, 2014, Guest Lecture in networked audiovisual composition for “Situations, Instrumentation, Venue Spaces”, Pauline Oliveros’ Selected Issues in Composition Seminar, Mills College, Oakland, CA

—September 29 and October 1, 2014 “A Song From This Place We Call Home” – community sound workshop and creative song-making at From the Grind Up, Fort Frances, Ontario.

—September 28, PwRHm: Breathing the Network (with Helicopter), performed by the global networked collaboration the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse at the Net New Music Festival in Birmingham, UK.


—September 20, 2014 Music for Natural History Sound Workshop, with Paul Walde, Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC. (postponed, stay tuned)

—August 22, 2014 Deep Listening Sound Walk WorkshopLila Music Centre, Duncan BC.


—May 17, 2014, Between Five and Six 2, solo electronic composition for virtual instrument Hummonica, part of 60×60 (2012) UnTwelve Mix at Mobius, Cambridge, Mass. USA.

—April 17 – May 15, 2014, This is For You, installation (interactive score and audio) for Audiospace 10, Not All There curated by Paul Walde, at Open Space, Victoria, BC


—March 8, 2014 Gentle Hands, toy piano solo, from Migration of Their Materials, performed by Xenia Pestovia at Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival, Winnipeg, Mannitoba.

—March 3, 2014 Tales from the Sonic Labiatory: Concert with Wendalyn Bartley and Gayle Young, Musideum, Toronto, Canada.


—February 24 – March 2, 2014, Sonic Labiatory Residency with Wendalyn Bartley (Toronto).

—February 23, 2014 performance of new collaborative telematic work at Vektor Game Art Festival, Toronto, with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse. (Travel funding provided by the Canada Council for the Arts.)


—February 22, 2014, Workshop (Creating and Collaborating – Composition and Sound Art in virtual reality) at Vektor Game Art Festival, Toronto (Travel funding provided by the Canada Council for the Arts.)

—February 15, 2014 premiere of The Migration of Their Materials, music for toy piano (+ combs, breath, paper) and tabla, Innovations en Concert, Montreal. Canada Council commission, pianist Xenia Pestovia (Wales) and percussionist Shawn Mativetsky (Montreal)


—January 24, 2014, Unsilencing: Women and their place in New Music and Sound Art, with Jennifer Butler, presentation at the Canadian New Music Network Forum in Calgary, Alberta.

—December 1, 2013 premiere of Hunt (3), new composition for mixed ensemble of sustain instruments. Performed by the Experimental Music Unit with bass guitar, bass clarinet, and voiced flute at LaSaM Music’s Music for Mycologists, Legacy Art Gallery, Victoria, BC

Interterminacy panels 1 to 4

—October 14, 21, 2013 guest lecture, Mills College Graduate Composition Seminar (Pauline Oliveros), Mills College, Oakland, California, telematic composing and performing with(in) virtual reality.

—October 6 – December 8, 2013, Deep Listening Study Group, 10-week series, at Martin Batchelor Gallery, Victoria.


—September 16, 2013, Listening with(in) Water, performance with OPEN ACTIONS VICTORIA (Grace Salez, Brenda Patays, Judith Price, John G Boehme, Doug Jarvis), Sooke Potholes, Sooke, BC


—August 7, 2013  Unusual, Yet Oddly Familiar – performance with Gayle Young, Christine Duncan and Maxine Heppner. A concert of unusual yet oddly familiar tones, songs, movements and spaces with voice, invented and found instruments, flutes, and dance. Edward Day Gallery, Toronto Ontario.


—August 3 + 4, 2013 measure for a mayfly workshop and performance, Electric Eclectics Festival, Funny Farm, Meaford, Ontario


—July 22, 2013 Sounding the Widow Jane Mine with Vivienne Corringham and Lisa Barnard Kelly, new voice compositions and improvisations, including Pauline OliverosArctic Air in the abandoned mine site near Rosendale, New York, USA.

mine- crop

—July 15-23, 2013 Artist in Residence, Deep Listening Institute, Kingston, New York.

—July 12-14, 2013 performative presentation of Listening (is) Sounding (is) Listening: Sonic Mimicry as Listening Practice at Deep Listening Art / Science Conference, Experimental Media and Performing Arts Centre (EMPAC), Troy, New York

—July 12-14, 2013 performance of Breathing with PwRHm and other virtual reality works with Norman Lowrey, Brenda Hutchinson, Viv Corringham and Avatar Orchestra Metaverse at Deep Listening Art / Science Conference, Experimental Media and Performing Arts Centre (EMPAC), Troy, New York


—June 14, 2013, performance of Breathing with PwRHm and other works with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Benefit for Odyssey, Odyssey Performance and Art Simulator, Second Life.

—April 21, 2013 performance Veiled , solo voice+movement, Open Action, Raino Dance Studio, Victoria, BC

Photo Brenda Patays

—March 16 – 22, 2013, Virtual Residency, Deep Listening Institute’s Women and Identity Festival 2013, (Occupy Facebook)

—March 9, 2013 Performance – LaSaM Wind Duo with George Tzanetakis, Raino Dance, Victoria, BC

—December 30, plus November 18, 25; December 2, 9, 16, 23, 2012; A Year of 4’33”; solo performances of 4’33” by John Cage; varying outdoor public locations.


—December 15, 2012; performance One Tree, performance action, OPEN ACTIONS, Centennial Square, Victoria, BC, with John G. Boehme, Grace Salez, Judith Price, Brenda Patays

photo by Brenda Patays

—November 11, 2012, performance 4’33” by John Cage, Clover Point, Victoria, BC http://lasammusic.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/cages-433-on-november-11/

—October 22, 2012, performance Wilding Fort Rodd, site specific solo for voice, bones, fur and reverberant cubicle, OPEN ACTIONS performance and video session, Fort Rodd Hill Historic Site, Victoria, BC. With Grace Salez, John G. Boehme, Judith Price, Fran Benton.

—October 15, 2012, guest lecturer: Composition and Collaboration in the virtual reality world of Second Life: Pauline Oliveros’ Composition Seminar, Mills College, Berkeley California.


—October 12, 2012, performance (amplified breath) and audio witness, a Button Blanket Dance, a projected River and a courthouse, by Peter Morin, Victoria Maritime Museum, Victoria BC.

—September 22, 2012, performance of Echolcation 1, OPEN ACTIONS performance, Seaplane terminal, Wharf Street, Victoria, BC. With Grace Salez, John G. Boehme, Brenda Patays and Judith Pierce.

—July 20, 2012, performance of In This Far Now by Liz Solo, Tina Pearson and members of the Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, new work Machine Response (short excerpt here) with Andreas Mueller (transmitted live circuit bent machines) and Chris Tonelli (voice) and works created by Krista Vincent and other project collaborators – more coming soon.

2012-07-20 ChrisTinaAndreasCrop
Andreas Mueller (screen),
Chris Tonelli, Tina Pearson

—July 16-21, 2012, residency, Techno Dream and Nightmare Choir, new work and community collaboration with the Blag Bag Media Collective in St. John’s Newfoundland.

—July 14, 2012, performance of new and repertoire pieces by Tina Pearson, Liz Solo, and Avatar Orchestra Metaverse members at the Newfoundland Sound Symposium with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and Liz Solo. Including premiere of the mixed reality collaborative piece In This Far Now (A Cyber Song of Longing)


—July 10, 2012, talk and workshop – Sonic Mimicry and other Tools of the Trade, Newfoundland Sound Symposium, St. John’s Newfoundland.

—May 25, 2012, solo performance, Rainforest Lullaby, glass, bells, bowls and voice, Natural History Gallery, Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC.

—April 28, 2012, Music for Natural History, premiere of a suite of four new works created with Paul Walde for site and sound  at Royal BC Museum, Natural History Gallery, Victoria, BC, performed by members of LaSaM, People’s choir and guest Victoria musicians. Audio samples here.

—April 20, 2012, 80 Breaths for Pauline, new composition for Avatar Orchestra Metaverse in honour of Pauline Oliveros, performed by AOM, Mixed Reality Celebration at Drew University, Madison, New Jersey and Odyssey Performance Simulator in Second Life.

—March – May 2012 creation of new facilitated compositions with the People’s Choir, Victoria, BC

—March 24, 2012, networked virtual reality improvisation with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and Pauline Oliveros @ Locus Sonus Symposium #7 Audio in Art, Nantes, France. Audio

—March 24, 2012, global networked performance with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Odyssey Performance Simulator benefit, Second Life.

—February 25, 2012, performance of Bird on Wire (rocks, ocarina, breath) with OPEN ACTION Performance Art Collective, University of Victoria Visual Arts Building, Victoria, BC

—February 19, 2012, networked performance of AOMprovisation with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse and Norman Lowrey, International Society for Improvised Music Conference, William Paterson University, Wayne, New Jersey.

—January 21, 2012, onsite with Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, Pauline Oliveros and Jackie Heyen at Canadian New Music Network, SFU Woodward’s, Vancouver, BC.

—December 17, 2011, OPEN ACTION, performance of One (version for solo glass and voice), with John G. Boehme and Brenda Petays, Camosun College, Victoria, BC.

—November 17, 2011, performance with Alvin Curran’s community choral work, Open Space, Victoria, BC.

—September 26, 2011, Guest Lecturer (Composition in Second LIfe), Seminar in Composition, Pauline Oliveros, Mills College, San Fransisco, CA.

—July 17-18, 2011, Feminist Rock Camp (instructor), Shawnigan Lake, BC.

—March 12, 2011 LaSaM with Quatuor Bozzini (Montreal), James Tenney’s In a Large Open Space, Victoria, BC

—January 16, 2011 Networked performance with Ian Birse and Laura Kavannagh as part of Art’s Birthday celebrations 2011.

—January 11, 2011 Metanaut Duo (Tina Pearson and Leif Inge) in performance at Nymusic Mikro World Music Festival, Oslo Norway

Leif Inge (Gumnosophistai Nurmi);Tina Pearson (Humming Pera)
Leif Inge (Gumnosophistai Nurmi) and
Tina Pearson (Humming Pera, with cello)

—December 22, 2010, LaSaM with George Tzanetakis, Anne Schaefer, Kelby MacNayer, Grace Salez, Pamela Millar, Brian Stubbs, Paul Charbonneau and Timothy Gosley, Compilation Anti-dote, Fort Street Cafe, Victoria.

—December 6, 2010 performance of name @ In Song and Dance, duo with choreographer and dancer Jung-Ah Chung, Metro Studio, Victoria with Tri-Pod Dance Collective

—November 3-6, 2010, Residency at New Adventures in Sound Art and OCAD University, featuring networked performance of PwRHm by Tina Pearson and works by Pauline Oliveros, Stelarc, Norman Lowrey, Vivian Corringham, Bjorn Eriksson and Andreas Mueller, performed by Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.

—October 23-24, 2010 “And Beethoven Heard Nothing” – co-direction (with Dylan Robinson) of a audio-visual collaboration with LaSaM (created and performed by Tim Gosley, Cathy Lewis, Alex Olson, Tina Pearson, Chris Reiche and George Tzanetakis.), Victoria, BC, May 12, 2010

—September 11, 2010, I Hear Here – an ongoing practice giving personal evidence of listening to non-human-made sounds; premiered publicly with Performance Actions, Mile Zero, Victoria

September 5, 2010, Rotating Brains / Beating Heart – Collaboration with Stelarc, Pauline Oliveros, Franziska Schroeder, Martin Parker and Avatar Orchestra Metaverse, at Digital Resources for the Humanities and the Arts, Brunel University, UK,

—May 8 and 14, 2010 Victoria Complaints Choir – direction and composition for a community based project through Open Space Arts Society, and performances in city streets and at the Victoria Legislature, with Ian Griffiths, accordion.

—May 12, 2010 “And Beethoven Heard Nothing” – co-direction (with Dylan Robinson) of a audio-visual collaboration with LaSaM (created and performed by Tim Gosley, Cathy Lewis, Alex Olson, Tina Pearson, Chris Reiche and George Tzanetakis.), Victoria, BC

—January 11, 2010, Les filles à l’envers – improvisations with Chantale LaPlante, Gayle Young, Tina Pearson, Magali Babin, Esther B, Erin Sexton at L’envers, Montreal