Tree Sing

Tree Sing (2016) is a multi-genre score inviting reciprocity in close proximity with one tree per performer or artist. The score is divided into six main sections, each of which has sub-sections that suggest particular focuses of attention and inquiry relating to the information about trees gleaned from biology, ecology, myth and memory. The specific interpretation of each section can be determined by genre and/or by agreement with collaborating artists.








The focus in any rendering of Tree Sing is on the tree(s) and how they look, feel, sound, smell. The approach is one of receptivity, request and curiosity. The first realization of Tree Sing was through an exploration process with dancer-choreographer Lori Hamar and video artist Kirk Schwartz in a forest at the bottom of PKOLS Mountain in Saanich BC, in the territory of the W̱SÁNEĆ peoples. A video realization of Tree Sing became part of the installation Absorb, at the Flux Gallery in Victoria October 2016.