Interesting Sites

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Phonographies A unique audio archive of contemporary wax cylinder recordings, featuring a wide range of musicians, improvisers, composers, writers and artists.

Machinology Machines, noise, and some media archaeology by Jussi Parikka


Culture Unplugged Web of Perspectives 
Pauline Oliveros – Deep Listening 
World Forum for Acoustic Ecology


Interference / A Journal of Audio Culture Interference is an open access forum on the role of sound in cultural practices, providing a trans-disciplinary platform for the presentation of research and practice in areas such as acoustic ecology, sensory anthropology, sonic arts, musicology, technology studies and philosophy.
Continuo rare and forgotten music
Continuo Documents avant-garde, experimental, improvised musics – scores, reviews, documents from the Continuo blogger 
Journal of Sonic Studies JSS presents, stimulates, and brings together a versatility of possible approaches to the study of sound. 
A Closer Listen A a lovely, eclectic resource for the discovery of new instrumental and experimental music 
Textura based in Peterborough, Canada, publishes eleven issues per year predominantly featuring experimental, electronic, jazz, and classical music-related reviews, interviews, and articles.
Acousmata audio explorations from a history of experimental music by Thomas Patteson
Paris Transatlantic interviews with musicians and composers
Post Classic Kyle Gann essays and commentary on new and classical music
Ubu Web resource dedicated to all strains of the avant-garde, ethnopoetics, and outsider arts
Sound and Music SAM promotes challenging contemporary music and sound art. SAM embraces complexity and risk-taking and invites the audience to listen in new ways.
Ear Room interviews exploring the use of sound in artistic practice
Odd Music unique, odd, ethnic, experimental and unusual musical instruments and resources.
Radiauteur Dedicated to radio art, the transmission of conceptual sounds and voiced thoughts.
Field Notes a free bi-lingual magazine published by the German label Gruenrekorder,  concerned with the phenomenon of sound from the most varied perspectives: artists, musicians, journalists and scientists add to Field Notes with their essays, interviews, travelogues, anecdotes, notes and picture series.
Soundsite An online journal of sound theory, philosophy of sound and sound art. From Australia. Old but interesting articles.
Wolf Fifth Collection of downloadable LP’s from 1955-85 European and North American avant garde music not released on CD.
Journal of Sonic Studies
Point of Departure Online music journal – jazz, improvised music, world music


Jezz Riley French field recording, audible silence, sonic architecture
Now Here This a blog about sound
Illusion Songs A collection of auditory illusions found in indigenous folk practices, popular music, and scientific research, compiled by Meara O’Reilly


Sonic Terrain resources for field recording
Wild Sanctuary The collection of work by Bernie Krause, who has traveled the globe to record, archive, research, and express the voice of the natural world. 


Transom a showcase and workshop for New Public Radio … “Our purpose is to pass the baton of mission and good practice in public media through tools, philosophy, and technique.”

Sonic Terrain Bookshelf books for the study and practice of sound

Teaching Online Basic Info on using Zoom or Skype for online real time tutorials and teaching.


Katharine Norman Composer, Sound Artist, Writer  
Pauline Oliveros Composer, Accordionist, Pioneer, Teacher, Performer, Writer


Canadian New Music Network
Canadian Music Centre
Association of Improvising Musicians Toronto (AIM)