Deep Listening Study Group


It’s a good time to listen.

Sundays at 11 am to noon
October 6 through December 8, 2013 (10 sessions)
Locations: October 6 – October 27:
Martin Batchelor Gallery 
712 Cormorant Street (at Douglas), Victoria, BC
November 2: Beacon Hill Park Children’s Farm (parking lot)
November 10 – Individual practice at home
November 17 – Soundwalk – meet at Moka House Coffee Shop Shoal Point
November 24 – December 8 – email tina<dot>pearson<at>shaw<dot>ca for locations.
Please bring a cushion, yoga matt or blanket.

DEEP LISTENING is a philosophy and practice developed by pioneering composer Pauline Oliveros that cultivates appreciation of sound, silence and “sounding” on a heightened level, expanding the potential for connection and interaction with one’s environment, technology and others in music, related arts, and everyday life.

DEEP LISTENING explores the difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary, selective nature – exclusive and inclusive — of listening.  The practice includes bodywork, sonic meditations, interactive performance, listening to the sounds of daily life, nature, one’s own thoughts, imagination and dreams, and listening to listening itself.


DEEP LISTENING can enhance depth and detail of practice for all artists in their respective practices, those who meditate, teachers who want to encourage an appreciation of listening in their students, community organizers who want to foster an environment in which all group members are equally heard, ecologists who want to develop their understanding of the sonic landscape. Deep Listening is for anyone interested in creativity, wellbeing, relaxation, excitement and connection with their immediate environment.

The Deep Listening Study Group is facilitated by Tina Pearson

Everyone is welcome.

“Tina will take you to the hEARt of sounding.” – Pauline Oliveros

Tina Pearson is a composer and sound artist who has been associated with Pauline Oliveros for over thirty years. Pearson has taught and facilitated many voice, music and improvisation programs and workshops in post secondary, artistic and cultural contexts. She recently presented her work at the Deep Listening Art and Science Conference in Troy, New York, at the Eclectic Electrics Festival in Meaford, Ontario and the Edward Day Gallery in Toronto. She composes and performs with LaSaM Music and OPEN ACTIONS in Victoria and the global collective Avatar Orchestra Metaverse in Europe, the US and Canada.

For more information about Deep Listening, please visit Deep Listening Institute’s site.

To register, contact Tina Pearson at
or attend the first session October 6.