Deep Listening Into Sounding

Deep Listening Into Sounding


a Workshop for voicing bodies

with Tina Pearson
Saturday, March 28, 2015, 2 – 4 pm $25
Merlin’s Sun Home Theatre, 1983 Fairfield Road, Victoria, BC
Registration: 250-598-7488

This two hour workshop is for anyone who is interested in deepening their personal relationship with sound from the inside out. The focus is on the delicate relationship between attentive listening and authentic sounding.

Exercises will include listening to the body, play with the breath, subtle movement, sonic meditation, sonic mimicry, and vocal sound games.

Everyone is welcome – no musical experience is necessary.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

“Tina will take you to the hEARt of sounding.” – Pauline Oliveros

*DEEP LISTENING is a philosophy and practice developed by pioneering composer Pauline Oliveros. Deep Listening practice cultivates appreciation of sound, silence and “sounding” on a heightened level, expanding the potential for connection and interaction with one’s environment, technology and others in music, related arts, and everyday life. Deep Listening can enhance depth and detail of practice for artists, meditators, teachers, community organizers, ecologists, parents … Deep Listening is for anyone interested in creativity, wellbeing, relaxation, excitement and connection with their immediate environment.

TINA PEARSON has studied and worked with Pauline Oliveros for many years, and holds a Certificate in Deep Listening practice from the Deep Listening Foundation. Pearson’s fascination with sonic phenomena and modes of interaction has led to roles in art, education and community development. She composes and performs in acoustic, electronic and telematic settings with voice, flute, accordion and virtual instruments. Her music has been commissioned for dance, video and spoken word performances in Europe and North America, and she has been invited to present work at international symposia, festivals and conferences. Recent projects include Dark Listening and Music for Mycologists (Victoria), Techno Dream and Nightmare Choir (St John’s), Sounding the Widow Jane Mine (New York), Migration of Their Materials (Montreal) Tales from the Sonic Labiatory (Toronto) and PwRHm with Tesla and Copter (Birmingham, UK). Tina was editor of the Canadian journal Musicworks and an instructor at OCAD University. She performs with the Victoria trio Experimental Music Unit and with the global collective Avatar Orchestra Metaverse.


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